Bio Jumbo Bags

Bio jumbo bags are bags which are degradable in nature, harmless and ECO friendly. Those bags are manufacture by natural resources. We have introduced new bio jumbo bag in polymer market. It does not leave any harm full impact on earth and get degrade in nature within few months. These jumbo bags can dispose easily and reusable. A flexible intermediate bulk container (FIBC) or bulk bag, or big bag, or bio jumbo bag is an industrial container made of flexible fabric that's designed for storing and transporting dry, flow able products, such as sand, fertilizer, and granules of plastic. Bio jumbo bags manufactured by Brain Chamber Polysacks are recyclable and reusable. Bio jumbo bags are durable and strong.

Brain Chamber Polysacks an export oriented unit manufactures bio jumbo bags which are degradable and eco friendly from Karnataka, India. The bio jumbo bags offered by us are available in carrying capacities ranging from 250 kg to 2000 kg. There are a number of benefits to using bio jumbo bags. We do manufacture standard FIBC, single loop and double loop bag, cross corner bag, tunnel loop bag and container linear bag as per customer demand with different size and specification with printed logo on it. All these bags are reusable in nature and strictly produce from natural resource.

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