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garden bag

Garden bag

Now a day’s most of the garden in cities facing problems of leaves, roots of trees these garden bags are big enough to carry the garbage materials from garden in bulk quantity. Large, extremely strong, re-usable garden waste bags to use with all types of garden waste and recycling.

cement bag

Cement bag

Cement bags are in greater demand due to rising building and constructions. Cement bags are laminated and has special lining which resist the humid condition which increase the product life in pack conditions. Those cement bags has high strength along with increased tear resistance. Hence, these bags can be handled during the transportations.

food product bag

Food products bag

Now day’s agricultural dry products such as sugar, rice, wheat are in huge demand due to their daily need in our day to day life. These bulk bags are highly useful for transporting these products in bulk quantity. The bags keep that product in dry manner, away from moisture.

liquid storage bag

Liquid storage bag

The bio jumbo bags are used for carrying the liquid like hazardous chemicals from chemical plant to exact destination in same manner. Due to its large volume design, strength and versatility it is ideal for shipping, handling and storing the chemical products in industrial sectors.

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